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Dear Colleagues and Friends


On behalf of the Organizing Board, it is my pleasure and honor to extend an invitation to you to attend the 16th International Symposium on Dental Morphology (ISDM) and 1st Congress of the International Association for Paleodontology (IAPO). Zagreb – the capital of the Republic of Croatia, the newest member of the European Union was chosen as the venue for our meeting to be held in August, 26 – 30, 2014. The organizers are School of Dental Medicine University of Zagreb, together with the International Association for Paleodontology and Croatian Association of Forensic Stomatologists.

The program of the meeting has been designed to accommodate a rich cultural social program along with an outstanding and stimulating scientific experience. The scientific program is determined by three main areas: dental morphology, paleodontology and forensic dentistry. Dental evolution, dental growth and craniofacial development, dental genetics, clinical aspects of dental morphology, dental tissues and dental bioarchaeology are some of the topics that will be thoroughly addressed and discussed during the scientific sessions.

Having accomplished all necessary preparations we are now inviting all of you to attend the 16th ISDM and 1st IAPO congress and attain a genuine experience of the Croatian spirit.

I hope that this will be a memorable journey for you, both scientifically and socially.
See you in Zagreb this summer!


Marin Vodanovic

President of the Organizing Board of the 16th ISDM and 1st IAPO



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