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Presenter instructions

The official congress language is English.

•    Presentation software is Windows PowerPoint (other formats are not accepted).
•    Please do not bring your own laptops.
•    Speakers are asked to hand in their presentations to the attendant in advance (latest before the beginning of the appropriate session).
•    Time limit: 10 minutes (board members are allowed 20 minutes).
•    Discussions will be only at the end of each session.

•    Poster board will be used VERTICALLY.
•    Maximum dimensions of the poster are 90 cm (width) x 200 cm (height).
•    Mounting of heavy posters might be difficult.
•    Material for mounting the posters will be available on site.
•    Posters should be displayed before 10.00 am in the morning of your allotted poster session. Poster boards will have abstract numbers placed on them to facilitate you finding the correct board. Posters should be taken down before 1.00 pm of the next day.
•    You are required to be at your poster board during the poster session time.
•    The poster presenters should be prepared to give a short talk.
•    Posters will be evaluated by committee of board members.

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